Saturday, June 10, 2017

Palmer/Wasilla day 2

Great morning for sleeping and we did. Bill & Jan went to bed early and got up early. Anyway when we stepped out the door it was starting to rain so we decided what ever we did needs to be indoor. So 1st stop was haircut for Bill nice cut a little shorter than he cared for. Next 1 thrift store for us to walk through nice change for us. It's still raining so next Anchorage there's a Costo with diesel for $2.39 a gal. But first a stop at Fred Myers looking for a new camera for Jan and me, well no luck but we did enjoy walking through the store. We settled on Target and they had the camera that fit our needs. Still raining out there at this time we got the fuel and Now Red Robin for lunch so so good it was getting pretty late for lunch. Ok, time for Boo Boo she needs we found a place PetZoo that had her brand now she's set for a while. Now we took a poll and figured everyone was done and ready to go home. One more thing we decided 1 more night at Big Bear RV Park. We will start all over in the morning.

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Got up early for us that is 7:00 am and started getting everything pulled together after an hour or so we were ready to leave. We are listening to audio books as we go down the road and it's
 very relaxing and makes the ride seem shorter, The scenery today is just stunnig I have to say pictures just don't do justice, but we still take pictures as you will see. We arrived about 2:00 and are staying at Big Bear for a couple of days then we will bump our heads together and come up with a new plan. Soon after setting up we jumped in the truck and went looking for post office for stamps and next a Walmart. It is sooo much nicer shopping in the good old USA. The shelves are full and everything I want is right at hand it all looks familiar. So now that we have dragged Bill & Jan all over it's time to look for dinner perferably a fish fry. After taking Harry this way and that way we decide to go across town to check out the ELK's lodge they might have a fish fry and just maybe we can stay there for a couple of days. Bingo we can get fish and other foods and it looks very nice. Beautiful view from dinning room right off the lake. We all left very satisfied. Back to the Big Bear RV Park to put our heads to gether for tomorrow after the Palmer Parade.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Glennallen, Alaska

We left The Three Bears RV Park. Good-by fried mushrooms and Mukluk Land  where we had so much fun. We  didn't see any animals on the road today so I will share other intresting happenings. Like the construction that's alway going on in Alaska.
The roadside resting spot for a washing machine we were on the road 3 or 4 hours on the road when we arrived we settled on Northern Nights Campground & RV Park got set up had lunch and decided to check out the Visitor Center here. That's when we witnessed a white suv pulling away from gas pumps and the nozzel still in the gas tank of course it snapped and gas spraed all over. Everyone was good about helping him out and customers stayed warning others . After all the excitement we went on down the road to checkout Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve nice place for info and shopping for souvenirs there was a couple of videos for us to watch about the park and Kennicott  copper mining museum. Later we stopped down the road for the veiw and great camera shots. And now the planning starts for tomorrow. here are a few random pictures.
one of the last things you would expect to see out in the middle know where?

lookes like to much work to me!

one of the old dog slides we have seen 

Carlena said I could'nt take this home. Dam

I know what it is do you ??

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Well we are in Tok, Alaska. It really was a short drive from Beaver Creek RV Park. We rolled up to the Three Bears RV Park where our fearless leaders of  Loosey Goosey group Dennis & Carol Hill were camped. We got set up and sat around and talked. A lot of good things were said about a place called Mukluk Land and we had to see this place So when it opened we were there. What a great place something you have to experience it's not fair to tell you up front what its about.the Next place
to go is a place called Fast Eddy's we agreed we would meet 5:00 for dinner.Fast Eddy's is known for the best fried mushrooms, not to mention the other foods they serve is just as good. This is a must stop at place very good! Very good first day in Alaska  and we are looking forward to the rest of time here in Alaska.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Haines Junction / Da Ku Cultural Centre

We got off to an early start we drove around 100 miles today. We also seen a grizzly bear with 3 cubs with her of course from the window of the truck.  We are staying at fast gas which has rv parking not a bad place. Across the street we were told  the Da Ku Cultural Center was having a festival of Aboriginal Dance, Singing & Drumming and lunch was free the price was right. So after we were set up we all decided to check it out.
Lunch was great and potatoe soup,sandwiches and fruit. We got to see people sewing beads on shoes, making moccasins and jewelry. Everyone was so friendly we all had a great time. Entertainment went on for hours it was a beautiful day snow on the mountains in the back ground the weather was about 60 with a slight breeze. we took lots of pictures of the dancers to many to put on this blog, but beautiful.
DSCN1687 (2)DSCN1720DSCN1749 (2)DSCN1801DSCN1770

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