Saturday, July 8, 2017

2nd time around for Fast Eddies

When we started out this morning we were going to Delta Junction, Ak. When we arrived RV park was closed so we continued on.  Bill & Jan and Harry and I got our pictures taken at mile marker where the Alaska Highway ended and of course we checked in at the Visitor Center in Delta Junction. Then on to Tok, Alaska for a RV park and  Fast Eddies restaurant they are famous for there fried mushrooms. When we left Fairbanks I said aloud ( goodby city life) because now we will be in the more remote Alaska as we are headed to Canada.
And of corse no animals today!!

                                                            Skinner Back!!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Day OF Rest

Today was a day of rest and taking it easy and start preparing to leave Fairbanks, AK.  We are heading to Delta Junction shopping will be scarce so we did last min shopping and stocking up also did a few repairs. Prepared a few meals ahead of time and I believe we are ready. Kind of excited to head back to Canada we believed we seen more wildlife there than in Alaska.

                                                          Skinner Back!!

Fairbanks/north pole

We visited to North Pole today and I was disappointed a gift shop and a few candy canes. I will say they had an awesome Santa Clause and that was it. So then we started seeking lunch and that turned out to be ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery and I decided on starbucks coffee and lunch a little later as we were not quite ready for lunch. So now we were headed to the Gold Dredge 8 and this was a great time we were also informed about the Alaska Pipe Line and then took a train ride to see the number 8 dredge and do some gold panning for ourselves and that proved to be rewarding we found $23.00 worth of gold between Harry and me. Now Jan & Bill came up with around $45.00 dollars worth  and Jan quickly made a pair earings out of her's very nice I might add. Today was the warmest day yet for us I believe it got to 82 degrees today very warm. We still needed to stop at RV parts store so a couple more stops and were at back to rigs, oops were are not done yet we need to catch up laundry so pull laundry together and about 1 1/2 hours later we are done for the day. Whew what a day.

17 oz  gold nugget

staff at the dredge waving goodbye

doing laundry

Skinner Back!!